Melatonin Usage: What You Need To Know

Wondering how much melatonin you should take? Learn about melatonin, uses for melatonin, and the side effects of taking too much melatonin.


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What Is Melatonin And How Does It Work?

What is melatonin and what does melatonin do? Learn about melatonin, how it works, how your melatonin levels can be disrupted, and its effects on sleep.

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How To Develop Healthy Sleep Habits

Healthy sleep begins with 7 - 9 hours of sleep a night, but there’s more you need to know to achieve the sleep you deserve.


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Natrol and Barry’s Join Forces in 2024 to Help Americans Conquer Their Wellness Goals
While almost half of all Americans make New Year’s resolutions, nearly 25% of them give up by the second week in January. Why? Leading sleep, mood and stress supplement brand^ Natrol® feels it’s because they haven’t gotten their sleep together, therefore they’re lacking the energy to exercise, in addition to the self-control to follow through with healthy eating plans and the stamina to have a productive, present day. Recognizing this challenge, Natrol has joined forces with leading global fitness brand Barry’s, to empower individuals to prioritize their sleep and conquer their goals this year.
Natrol Announces New Lineup of Magnesium Supplements

Magnesium has quickly become a top mood and stress supplement. Natrol’s new line of magnesium products help calm the mind, relax the body, and relieve occasional stress.

Soothing Night Sleep Aids | Sleep Aid without Melatonin
Natrol is launching ‘Soothing Night’, its first line of sleep aid supplements without melatonin. Learn more about Natrol’s Soothing Night products here
Ashley Tisdale & Natrol Unite for the Back on Track Giveaway
Natrol & Ashley Tisdale are teaming up for the Back on Track Giveaway encouraging Americans to reclaim lost sleep. Find out today how you could win a Back on Track Pack.
Natrol’s New “This is Living” Brand Platform Highlights the Power of Good Sleep and a Calm Mood to Make Your Next Day, Your Best Day
Natrol's new “This is Living” brand platform showcases how great sleep and less stress can help consumers live a life more present.
Natrol® Introduces MelatoninMax, the Only Sleep Aid Product Providing 10 Milligrams of Melatonin in a Single Gummy
New MelatoninMax maximum strength sleep aid has 10 milligrams of melatonin in a single gummy
Natrol® And Jarrow Formulas® Come Together Under New Company As Vytalogy Wellness
Natrol and Jarrow Formulas, two leading vitamin and supplement brands, officially came together as a new company, Vytalogy Wellness.
Natrol LLC Purchase By New Mountain Capital
Natrol LLC, U.S.-based manufacturer of vitamins, minerals and supplements, announced today that New Mountain Capital has acquired Natrol LLC in a partnership that will enable the decades-old company to continue to expand to its next level of success.
New Natrol Kids Melatonin Delivers Restful Nights For Children And Peace Of Mind To Parents Seeking A Trusted Sleep Solution†
Natrol, the #1 Melatonin Brand in America^, Now Offers Sleep Help for Kids Just in Time for Back to School