Natrol’s New “This is Living” Brand Platform Highlights the Power of Good Sleep and a Calm Mood to Make Your Next Day, Your Best Day

A new brand platform and campaign from America’s #1 drug-free sleep aid brand^ showcases how great sleep and less stress help consumers live a life more present

SHERMAN OAKS, Calif. – November 2022 – Lack of sleep and increased stress limit our ability to be present the next day in the moments that really matter. So, it's no wonder people feel like they are spending more time surviving rather than thriving. Natrol, America’s #1 drug-free sleep aid brand^, understands that consumers are looking for ways to be well-rested, and believe that this will enable them to feel more present. People want to sleep better, stress less and live more, which is why Natrol is launching a new creative brand platform, "This is Living", focusing on the power of a relaxed body, calm mind, and good night's sleep to help consumers make their next day their best day. The “This is Living” platform kicks off with the ‘Sleep Tonight. Live Tomorrow.’ and ‘Stress Less. Live More.’ campaigns.

Natrol recognizes that achieving a good night's sleep and supporting a healthy mood can be challenging due to stressful and fast-paced lives. That is why Natrol designed products to work with the body’s natural cycles to help improve sleep and support mood. These products are made with clean ingredients (non-GMO, and no artificial flavors, sweeteners or preservatives). Whether it's enjoying an impromptu dance party with family, going to the beach with friends or spending time with your furry friends at the park, Natrol wants consumers to feel more rested and relaxed so that they can be fully in the moment, enjoying their best lives.

“With more than 20 years of proven leadership in the sleep and stress space, we felt it was important for consumers to understand that great sleep and a calm mood can help them get the most out of their day, so that they live fully present lives,” said Hanan Wajih, Chief Marketing Officer, Vytalogy Wellness. “The ‘This is Living’ platform, kicking off with the ‘Sleep Tonight. Live Tomorrow.’ and ‘Stress Less. Live More.’ campaigns, gives us a powerful launch point to inspire our consumers to live in the moment each day. They tie back to how our products support sleep, stress and wellness routines by using clean, quality ingredients that are effective and gentle on the body.”

The "Sleep Tonight. Live Tomorrow" campaign comes to life with a holistic suite of creative for an integrated media and PR plan, including health & wellness experts, a celebrity spokesperson and influencers across channels. Custom content across video and social channels including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok expands the conversation. It's anchored by a variety of video spots set against the anthem "Break My Stride" written by Matthew Wilder and Gregory Prestopino. The classic song was recomposed and modernized and is used throughout the campaign to show the vitality in how you live your next day after a great night sleep. The "Sleep Tonight. Live Tomorrow" spot, with recomposed anthem “Break My Stride,” can be viewed here.

To sleep better, stress less and live more, you can find Natrol products online and in the VMS aisle nationwide. To learn more about Natrol products, visit or follow along on FacebookInstagram , and Twitter for ongoing news and informative content.

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Sleep is inherently related to your mood & stress.


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