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Melatonin Usage: What You Need To Know

Wondering how much melatonin you should take? Learn about melatonin, uses for melatonin, and the side effects of taking too much melatonin.


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What Is Melatonin And How Does It Work?

What is melatonin and what does melatonin do? Learn about melatonin, how it works, how your melatonin levels can be disrupted, and its effects on sleep.

Sleep Guide

How To Develop Healthy Sleep Habits

Healthy sleep begins with 7 - 9 hours of sleep a night, but there’s more you need to know to achieve the sleep you deserve.


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What is Social Jet Lag and How to Manage It
How Our Modern Lifestyle Can Disrupt the Body’s Internal Clock In today’s fast paced world, we of...
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When to Take Melatonin & What Type is Best for You?
Breaking down the best time to take a sleep aid supplement and what kind is right for you. Writt...
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Sleep Expert Dr. Jess Andrade’s Tips for Better Sleep

Dr. Jess Andrade is a board-certified physician with a special interest in sleep health. And now she is sharing with Natrol her top tips for getting better sleep.

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How to Read Supplement Labels

It can be difficult trying to read the facts on a supplement’s label. Shop for supplements with ease once with Natrol’s how-to guide for reading supplement labels.

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Tick Tock, It’s Your Internal Clock – Why You Should Tune Into Your Circadian Rhythms
What are Circadian Rhythms and Why are They Vital to Overall Health & Wellbeing? While we may...
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Get Your Wellness Back On Track With Ashley Tisdale & Frenshe
Discover holistic wellness with Ashley Tisdale. Explore bedtime rituals, mindful eating, and invigorating exercise for a fulfilling life.
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Understanding The Summer Slump And Importance Of A Sleep Routine
Dr. Shelby Harris shares tips and tricks for re-establishing your sleep routine so you can get back on track for the transition from summer to fall.
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Build Better Sleep Habits to De-stress and Energize Your Day
Learn four sleep tips from Ally Love to plus up your rest and break out of the Sleep Stress Cycle to build the life you want.
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Breaking The Sleep Stress Cycle
Natrol is on a mission to help everyone wake up to the fact that we may be stuck in an endless sleep and stress cycle.