Soothing Night Sleep Aids | Sleep Aid without Melatonin

Soothing Night Sleep Aid without Melatonin

Natrol®, the Nation’s Top Melatonin Brand, Introduces Soothing Night®, Its First Sleep Aid Supplement Without Melatonin New Soothing Night product line delivers a botanical blend helping calm the mind for bedtime without melatonin so users sleep longer and wake up to less stress 

SHERMAN OAKS, Calif. – September 20, 2023 – Natrol®, a leading sleep, mood and stress supplement brand and #1 brand of melatonin^, is launching its first-ever sleep aid supplement without melatonin, Soothing Night®, made with effective, clinically-tested ingredients designed to reduce occasional stress and anxiety and promote longer, better sleep.†

According to a recent study by Natrol, 67% of American adults report symptoms of irritability, stress and a lack of motivation after a night of poor-quality sleep.* A good night’s rest is important to live a present, full life.

Natrol’s new Soothing Night line offers dietary supplement options for consumers looking for some extra help in supporting their sleep without using melatonin. This product line offers multi-functional benefits by promoting more restorative rest so users can sleep better, stress less and wake up revitalized to make the most of their day.†

“Consumers are looking for holistic sleep solutions, and while many have found melatonin to be their preferred sleep-aid supplement, a growing number are looking for melatonin-free options,” said Harel Shapira, Director of Product Management and Innovation at Natrol. “Soothing Night is our latest innovation formulated to calm the mind and improve the quality of sleep so users can wake up alert and refreshed without melatonin.”

All Natrol products are drug-free and non-GMO. Soothing Night is Natrol’s first line of sleep aid supplements without melatonin, available in both capsule and blueberry flavored gummy form:

  • Soothing Nigh Adults Capsules without Melatonin
    • Helps calm occasional stress for better, longer sleep and helps maintain healthy levels of mental clarity and alertness.
    • Includes clinically studied Lactium, a milk protein shown to help improve sleep quality and length and help reduce occasional stress and anxiety (after taking for 7-14 days); LTheanine, which helps calm the mind and works with Lactium for a more restorative sleep; and a botanical blend of chamomile, lavender and lemon balm.
  • Soothing Night Adults Gummies without Melatonin
    • Designed to help reduce occasional stress and anxiety at bedtime and support longer, better sleep.
    • Includes KSM-66 Ashwagandha®, which helps to manage cortisol levels (aka The Stress Hormone), reduce the effects of stress, and improve sleep quality over time. Optimal results after daily use for 8 weeks.

To sleep better, stress less and live more, consumers can find more information and where to buy the new Soothing Night line consisting of sleep supplements without melatonin here. To learn more about Natrol wellness products, please visit and follow along on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok.


About Natrol LLC

Born from a passion to improve human wellness worldwide, Natrol is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality, innovative products that deliver positive health outcomes to help enhance the quality of everyday life. Founded in 1980, Natrol has evolved over the past four decades into one of the most recognized brands in the Vitamin, Mineral and Supplement category. In the U.S., Natrol is a Sleep Solution authority and is the #1 brand of Melatonin. The brand develops high quality supplements for five vital health areas – Sleep, Immunity, Brain Health, Mood & Stress, and Beauty. Natrol distributes domestically as well as internationally in over 40 countries. Visit for more information.

† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Sleep is inherently related to your mood & stress.


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