Natrol LLC Purchase By New Mountain Capital

Acquisition by Investment Firm Signals Support for Continued Expansion in the U.S. and Internationally

Chatsworth, CA (December 1, 2020) – Natrol LLC, U.S.-based manufacturer of vitamins, minerals and supplements, announced today that New Mountain Capital has acquired Natrol LLC in a partnership that will enable the decades-old company to continue to expand to its next level of success. cGMP-certified Natrol produces high quality, innovative VMS products—several recently certified by USP—that are all available on the newly ecommerce-enabled, as well as via their many retail and online partners, both in the U.S. and around the world.

“We are excited and pleased for our Natrol team to partner with New Mountain Capital. The acquisition brings us the necessary resources to continue our ongoing quest to provide effective health and wellness supplements to the world’s population,” says Andrew Houlberg, Natrol’s President. “I couldn’t be prouder of our recent company turnaround which I credit to our dedicated, hard-working Natrol staff.”

This year marks 40 years of success in the nutraceutical supplement business for Natrol, the undisputed US market leader in sleep aids with its #1 Melatonin brand^. Natrol Melatonin boasts an extensive product line available in many consumer-friendly forms including Fast Dissolve and Time Release tablets, gummies, and liquids for both adults and children. Natrol is also a market leader in the “Mood & Stress” category with the #1 US brand of 5-HTP (Hydroxytryptophan drug-free stress relief)^, and its companion line of calming products including Relax+™ with ashwagandha, as well as Kava Kava, DHEA and more.

In addition to the “Sleep Support” and “Mood & Stress” product lines, Natrol focuses on “Brain Health” with its innovative, clinically-proven Cognium® and other memory-health products; “Beauty & Healthy-Aging” with Biotin, Collagen, and more; and currently “Immune Support” that includes Natrol’s extensive line of powerful immune health products: Elderberry, Zinc, Quercetin, Pycnogenol, Prebiotics & Probiotics, Vitamins C & D, among others.

As a result of Natrol’s high-quality product line and broadscale availability, over the last three years the Natrol brand has become more relevant to global consumers who have rewarded them with higher consumption and higher shares in many countries. Natrol will continue working with scientists and their Scientific Advisory Board to bring relevant new innovation to the marketplace, especially in the area of Immune Health in order to help strengthen immunity at this delicate time for consumers around the world.

About Natrol LLC
Born from a passion to improve human wellness worldwide, Natrol LLC is enjoying its 40th anniversary as a leading manufacturer of high quality, innovative products that deliver positive health outcomes to help enhance the quality of everyday life. Founded in 1980 by Elliott Balbert, Natrol has evolved over the past four decades into one of the most recognized brands in the Vitamin, Mineral and Supplement category. In the U.S., Natrol is the #1 brand of Melatonin and the #1 brand of 5-HTP^, and a leader in five vital health areas – Sleep, Immunity, Brain Health, Mood & Stress, and Beauty. Natrol brands include Natrol VMS, Laci Le Beau teas, and NuHair & Shen Min Hair Growth and Rejuvenation products. Natrol distributes nationally as well as internationally in over 60 countries. Visit Natrol’s Corporate website for more information.

About New Mountain Capital
New Mountain Capital is a New York-based investment firm that emphasizes business building and growth, rather than debt, as it pursues long-term capital appreciation. The firm currently manages private equity, public equity, and credit funds with $28 billion in assets under management. New Mountain seeks out what it believes to be the highest quality growth leaders in carefully selected industry sectors and then works intensively with management to build the value of these companies. Visit New Mountain Capital for more information.

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