Natrol® And Jarrow Formulas® Come Together Under New Company As Vytalogy Wellness

Vytalogy Wellness brings together two leading vitamin and supplement brands to create products that make a transformative impact on consumers’ lives

Los Angeles, CA (January 11, 2022) – Today, Natrol and Jarrow Formulas, two leading vitamin and supplement brands, officially came together as a new company, Vytalogy Wellness (Vytalogy). Natrol and Jarrow Formulas will still be the names of the products consumers have come to know and love. However, our new corporate name Vytalogy, which stands for the science of vitality, better represents the company’s commitment to bringing energy and wellness to consumers’ lives.

“We are excited to begin a new chapter as Vytalogy Wellness. While our name has changed, our commitment to our amazing customers, brands and products has not. We remain passionate about being the choice for our consumers every day and night,” said Nina Barton, Chief Executive Officer, Vytalogy. “Fueled by our drive for invention and a commitment to the highest standards, we look forward to leading the way for modern wellness in the vitamin, minerals and supplement category.”

Vytalogy strives to bring a vibrant energy to life every day. Its mission is to be a modern wellness company that fuses science and quality ingredients into highly-efficacious products that make a transformative impact on consumers’ lives. By pushing the limits of what’s expected and relentlessly pursuing innovation, the company is laser-focused on exceeding expectations. It creates vitamins, minerals and supplements that respond to consumers’ demands of today, while anticipating their needs of tomorrow.

“We’re thrilled to bring these two incredible brands together as Vytalogy Wellness,” said Peter Luther, Executive Chairman, Vytalogy. “Natrol and Jarrow Formulas have individually cultivated large and loyal consumer followings by providing efficacious, high quality supplements for decades. Together, they are even better positioned to set the course for modern wellness.”

“We see a bright future for Natrol and Jarrow Formulas under the Vytalogy Wellness corporate name, and we look forward to continuing to work with Nina and her team to build upon the company’s strong momentum,” said Andre Moura, Managing Director, New Mountain Capital and Lead Director, Vytalogy. “This is an exciting time for Vytalogy, and we see many opportunities to keep investing to serve the needs of our consumers.”

Vytalogy has a strong foundation from which to build. Both brands, Natrol and Jarrow Formulas, have been helping consumers achieve their wellness goals for a combined 85 years. Recognized as trusted, long-standing leaders in the vitamin and supplement industry, Natrol is the No. 1 drug-free sleep aid brand in America and Jarrow Formulas is the No. 1 probiotic brand for customer satisfaction, according to’s Survey of Supplement Users for 2021. Both brands will continue to be marketed to consumers using their current brand names.

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About Vytalogy Wellness
Every day, Vytalogy and its family of brands, Natrol and Jarrow Formulas, bring a vibrant energy to life. Vytalogy Wellness’ mission is to be a modern wellness company that fuses science and quality ingredients to create highly-efficacious products that make a transformative impact on consumers’ lives. Based in California with more than 600 employees and U.S.-based manufacturing, Vytalogy markets products across multiple channels and many supplement categories. Vytalogy is a portfolio company of New Mountain Capital, LLC. Visit Vytalogy Wellness for more information.

About Natrol LLC
Born from a passion to improve human wellness worldwide, Natrol is a leading manufacturer of high quality, innovative products that deliver positive health outcomes to help enhance the quality of everyday life. Founded in 1980, Natrol has evolved over the past four decades into one of the most recognized brands in the Vitamin, Mineral and Supplement category. In the U.S., Natrol is a Sleep Solution authority and is the #1 brand of Melatonin, as well as a leader in five vital health areas – Sleep, Immunity, Brain Health, Mood & Stress, and Beauty. Natrol distributes nationally as well as internationally in over 60 countries. Visit Natrol for more information.

About Jarrow Formulas
Founded in 1977, Jarrow Formulas has had a consistent goal to design superior dietary supplements that help empower individuals to take charge of their own health. The brand focuses on improving consumers’ health and wellness in five primary areas – immune health, bone ’ joint health, energy and metabolism, digestive health, and cardiovascular health with innovative and science-based probiotic products that consumers trust. Jarrow Formulas has once again been recognized as the No. 1 probiotic brand for customer satisfaction, according to’s Survey of Supplement Users for 2021. Visit Jarrow Formulas for more information.

About New Mountain Capital
New Mountain Capital is a New York-based investment firm that emphasizes business building and growth, rather than debt, as it pursues long-term capital appreciation. The firm currently manages private equity, credit, net lease real estate and public equity funds with over $35 billion in assets under management. New Mountain seeks out what it believes to be the highest quality growth leaders in carefully selected industry sectors and then works intensively with management to build the value of these companies. Additional information about us is available at

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