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Get Your Wellness Back On Track With Ashley Tisdale & Frenshe

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By Ashley Tisdale, Founder of Frenshe

Like most people, I want to have a healthy mind and body—and to live a fulfilling, well-balanced life. That's why I started Frenshe. Many years ago, as I embarked on my personal wellness journey, I found myself overwhelmed by the amount of wellness information out there. So I started to talk with different experts, getting their advice on everything from gut health to meditation to non-toxic beauty. What began as me writing a few blog posts has expanded into the Frenshe community that makes me incredibly grateful.

When I was younger, I was burning the proverbial candle at both ends. Traveling a lot. Feeling too busy to cook. Tossing and turning at night. Don't get me wrong, I loved my life! But after a while, I realized that I couldn't keep running on fumes. I started to get curious about ways that I could find more balance and feel more energetic. A huge turning point for me involved understanding more about occasional stress and anxiety (and crucially, some tools to help me manage my anxiety). When I had more knowledge, I felt more empowered around my mental health. Similarly, when I created rituals around bedtime, I started sleeping better. And so on.

What I've learned for sure is that wellness is not about a set of "always" and "never" rules that have to be followed 100 percent of the time. But I do have great respect for honoring the importance of food, exercise, and (possibly most important!) sleep. No matter what situation or life stage I'm in, if I pay attention to those three pillars of wellness, I feel prepared for just about anything.

First, let's talk sleep. Quality sleep has become priority #1 when it comes to my overall well-being. I've had bouts of sleeplessness in the past, and I tend to be more anxious if I haven't gotten enough sleep. I've learned that on a cellular level, an incredible amount of renewal happens overnight in our bodies. Getting restorative sleep is crucial for our brain performance, mood, and overall health.

That's why I have created some personal bedtime rituals to help usher me off to sweet dreams. Each night, I turn my phone off at least an hour before bedtime so I can get into rest mode. An evening meditation helps me achieve a calmer state of mind, and then I take a shower with our Being Frenshe Renewing Body Wash in Lavender Cloud—it's incredibly effective at helping me unwind. If I'm struggling to fall sleep, I take melatonin to help me drift off to sleep faster†. I use Natrol Melatonin Gummies because their ingredients are high-quality, Non-GMO, free of artificial sweeteners, and drug-free. And I keep a sleep mask within easy reach, just to help me get the deepest, most dream-filled sleep possible.

Eating well for my mind and body is also crucial for me, especially as I've learned more about the brain-gut connection. A fair number of journalists have asked me about the food I eat, and while I am always happy to share a great recipe, I would never want to tell someone what or how to eat. Food isn't just about fueling our bodies or tasting good; it's also part of how we connect with our friends, family, and cultures. My point of view? Eat a variety of foods that make your body feel good, be generous with fruits and vegetables, and enjoy meals among friends and family when you can.

Exercise is essential, too. It's not just because it makes me feel strong (although it does) but also because it does wonders for my mental well-being. If I'm stressed, anxious, or frustrated, a hike or workout never fails to make me feel a bit better. Some people run marathons, others walk around their neighborhood—whatever your way of moving your body might be, do what makes you feel alive. Know that this might change as your life, circumstances, and body do, too.

Those three pillars of wellness—food, exercise, and sleep—consistently make me feel my best. And I'm confident that anyone who prioritizes those things is well on their way to feeling good, too. In the meantime, I'd love to hear what is working for you. Send me and the team a message on Instagram @frenshe.

Ashley Tisdale Headshot

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