Our Commitment To Quality

At Natrol, we go to great lengths to ensure we are creating and distributing quality, innovative products that support the well-being of our consumers. To ensure our products contain safe and appropriate levels of dietary ingredients, as labeled, we follow an extensive and industry-leading quality assurance program with protocols in place at multiple points starting with the vetting of our raw materials and through the manufacturing process to ensure the finished products are safe to use and comply with Federal Drug Administration (FDA) rules and regulations, including Good Manufacturing Practices requirements (“GMPs”). 

Step 1: Every lot of finished products as part of our quality control process is tested to ensure safety, quality, strength, composition, and consistency.

Step 2: Each product is formulated to ensure safety and potency throughout the product shelf life.

Step 3: Lastly, we enlist NSF International, a third-party external certifier, to review on an annual basis, our manufacturing facilities and processes to ensure we follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) that meet FDA requirements and best industry practices.

FDA regulations require all dietary supplements contain a minimum of 100% of the ingredient amount claimed on the product label throughout the shelf life.  Intentional ingredient overages are permitted for supplement longevity and safe for consumers when within safe levels consistent with NIH (National Institute of Health) to achieve a minimum of 100% of ingredient amount we sometimes have to determine an appropriate and safe amount of ingredient overage during production of certain products to provide at least the labeled per serving amount of each ingredient. For melatonin specifically, degradation naturally occurs over time due to changes in pH, heat during manufacturing, light, and storage time. This means there can be some variability in overages as we comply with FDA rules and regulations for product shelf life and potency. All our Natrol melatonin products follow such regulations, and our quality program, including stability testing helps ensure any required overages are safe and effective.

We’re the nation’s #1 brand for melatonin supplements^ and it's through this process, and our commitment to operating within strict regulations and guidelines, that we can deliver safe, effective and trustworthy products for our consumers.