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How To Get A Kid To Sleep

How To Get A Kid To Sleep

Everyone needs a good night's sleep, especially our little ones. Here are some ways to get kids to sleep from Pediatrician and mom Tanya Altmann, MD. These tips will help kids sleep better and get the rest that they need.

Daily Exercise

One of the ways to help kids sleep is to introduce daily exercise routines. This will tire kids out and help them fall asleep faster.

Bedtime Routines

Keep the same bedtime routine each night and keep it to 45 minutes or less, so they know what to expect and won't keep asking for more.

Reduce Screen Time

End screen time 60 minutes before bed and don't bring electronics into the bedroom at night.

Create an Ideal Environment

Keep bedrooms cool, dark and quiet to help your child sleep through the night.

What Do People Give Kids To Fall Asleep?

Try a kids melatonin supplement if your child needs a little extra help getting to sleep.

Learn more by viewing the infographic below. You can also download the infographic.

Infographic of five sleep tips for children

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