"I have been using your product Complete Balance® for Menopause AM/PM formula for years. I would like to thank you for creating this product that is natural and helps me feel so good. I love it and recommend it to my friends."*

Olga L.,
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Individual results may vary

*Natrol Complete Balance® for Menopause AM/PM Formula includes special ingredients that help control mild hot flashes, mood and sleep disturbances associated with menopause.

"I just wanted to say that I love your brand! I use it every day. I have difficulty going to sleep, so I take Natrol® Melatonin 5 mg Fast Dissolve every night before bed. I will always be a customer! Thank you!"*

Elizabeth G.,
Rapid City, SD
Individual results may vary

*Melatonin is a clinically studied ingredient shown to help promote healthy sleep patterns.

"I was looking for a high antioxidant supplement and found Natrol® Maqui Berry. I took one a day for months and felt great. The store I got them from ran out and I forgot to get more because I was feeling so well, but about a month or so later without this supplement I started feeling bad again. I just bought a bottle and will go right back on it. I recommend this supplement to my friends because it has helped me so much."*

Michael G.,
Freehold, NJ
Individual results may vary

*Maqui berry is a natural source of powerful antioxidants called anthocyanins. Emerging experimental research suggests these plant compounds play a key role in a wide variety of biological functions, including stabilization of blood vessels, supporting microcirculation, and helping balance the body’s natural inflammatory response.