MRI Performance and Maxim Magazine Hold Grueling Reality Competition in Pursuit of the Next 'Maximum Warrior'

Sports Nutrition Company to Sponsor Challenging 24-Obstacle Course for U.S. Military Elite; Competition Set to Air in October


LOS ANGELES, CA, OCTOBER 1, 2013 — MRI Performance the industry leader in innovative sports nutrition products – has teamed up with Maximum Warrior 4, a 10-week long reality contest that features ten of America’s top Military Special Operators in intense physical competition.

Representing the Green Berets, Navy SEALs, Marine Recon and MARSOC and Air Force Pararescuemen, highly trained operatives will test their skills in 10 elaborate military-inspired challenges held in Crawfordsville, Arkansas. The lone man standing will hold the coveted title of “Maximum Warrior.” Maxim Magazine, the competition’s organizer, promises that Maximum Warrior 4 will be even more extreme than past matchups.

This year, MRI Performance – a subsidiary-brand of Natrol, Inc., – is sponsoring the Maximum Warrior Obstacle Course. New products, Co-H2O and EO2, from the new Athlete Competitive Series Line, will be available at the course’s finish line to help hydrate the competitors.

“These men are true warriors because they have fought, and will continue to fight for our country’s freedom,” says Grace Manzano, MRI Performance Director of Marketing, Sports Nutrition. “MRI Performance couldn’t be more proud to be a part of this competition. We consistently support the armed forces with products throughout the year, and for the next 10 weeks, we will root for each of them in this new context, just as we’ve cheered on and supported our athletes.”

How the obstacle course works: Men will traverse and complete a 24-obstacle course as quickly as possible. If a competitor fails an obstacle, he has three chances to complete the task before moving on, but incurs a five-minute penalty for each skipped obstacle. The course also includes a 6-plate rack that must be cleared with six pistol bullets. A 30-second penalty is added for each miss. The three individuals with the lowest cumulative scores after the first four events will be eliminated from the competition.

The person who wins the Maximum Warrior Obstacle Course and the entire competition will receive a one-year supply of MRI Performance products, a retail value of $5,000. Warriors were given:

    • Beta Charge – Known as a high intensity training optimizer, each stimulant free dose delays muscle fatigue and helps reduce muscle soreness.

    • Co-H20 – Naturally hydrates and replenishes electrolytes. The specialized formula also restores balance, combats dehydration and helps maintain the ability to train.

    • PROLAB Beta Alanine Powder - Extends extreme training and acts a buffer against lactic acid buildup.

    • MRI NO2 Black Full Cycle - Begins before a workout, and allows key nutrients to delay muscle fatigue; amplify workout capacity; and sustain peak power. It also promotes
      endurance and preps muscles for optimal post-workout recovery and growth.

    • MRI Black Powder Ultra - Helps athletes reach their next level of energy, sustain focus, and prolong their performance.

    • MRI EO2 Edge - Maintains endurance to help extend workout performance.

Other weekly challenges in Maximum Warrior 4 involve: scaling buildings, traversing minefields, disassembling and reassembling an AR style rifle and carrying out rescue missions.

The Maximum Warrior 4 website ( is now live, and viewers will be able to watch the first challenge on Wednesday, October 9. A new challenge will launch every Wednesday, and can also be seen on the Maximum Warrior’s YouTube Channel (, Maxim App on XBOX, and Maxim App on BB10. The Maximum Warrior Obstacle Course is expected to air on October 23. The competition ends December 11.

The competition marks MRI Performance’s fifth major sponsorship of 2013. Previously, it sponsored Concrete Heroes, the ultimate urban obstacle challenge that benefited AIDS Project in Downtown Los Angeles, and Black Powder Ultra was the official fuel for Gam3rCon, a premier gaming convention that took place in San Diego. MRI Performance was also the national sponsor for this year’s Arnold Classic.

On September 27-28, MRI Performance and PROLAB sponsored Mr. Olympia 2013, which was held in the Las Vegas Convention Center – North Hall. It debuted the company’s Athlete Competitive Series Line, which features six new products: The pre-workout Surge, Co-H20, Beta Charge, Recovery & Repair, Immune Fit, and the very complex vitamin, Athlete Multi Tri-System. Athletes Kyle Clarke, Charles Fuller, Moji Oluwa, Malcolm Marshall, and many more handed out free samples from MRI, PROLAB and Natrol. Event attendees also sampled Black Powder Ultra, and EO2 Edge all at Booth #1229.

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