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Celebrate Sleep Awareness Month! Get 15% off 2 or more sleep products. No code needed.     *Exclusions apply
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Special Offer! Buy our Natrol® Immunity Care Package, get a $30 value Immune-Biotic FREE. This 4-pack bundle helps support multiple areas of your immune system.† Includes Natrol Zinc, Natrol Vitamin D3, Natrol Melatonin & new Natrol Immune-Biotic powder packets. Free shipping!

Product Description

Looking to support your immune system from head to toe? Try our new Natrol Immunity Care Package, a bundle of proven Immune Health supplements that work together to provide whole-body immune support.†

The 4-pack Natrol Immunity Care Package includes:

  • Chewable High Absorption Zinc 7.5 mg 60ct – utilizes AbsorbSmart™ technology to bring you chelated Zinc with greater absorption. Chelated Zinc is a unique form of Zinc manufactured using patented technology that help increase its absorbability by your digestive system. Naturally flavored in a delicious chewable tablet.†

  • Fast Dissolve Vitamin D3 2,000 IU 90ct – nicknamed the “sunshine vitamin”, Vitamin D3 is naturally made by the body when exposed to sunlight. Not only known for keeping bones strong, Vitamin D3 supports immunity,† The strawberry “Fast Dissolve” tablet rapidly dissolves in your mouth.

  • Fast Dissolve Melatonin 5 mg 150ct – there’s a strong link between sleep and a healthy immune system. Sleep is necessary for the body to rebuild & restore itself; lack of sleep can lead to a lower immune system. Melatonin helps establish normal sleep patterns.† Natrol Melatonin—the #1 Melatonin brand in the U.S.^—comes in delicious strawberry fast-dissolve tablets.

  • New! Immune-Biotic Powder Packets 30ct – a combination of prebiotics & probiotics, Immune-Biotic is a unique digestive health supplement with clinically supported Bacillus subtilis DE111®. Fast-acting orange-flavored powder packets dissolve quickly and can be taken on-the-go.
For a limited time, Immune-Biotic comes free in the Natrol Immunity Care Package. A $30 value. All Natrol products are 100% drug free.

Help keep you and your family healthy during these challenging times!

Additional Information

Please consult your healthcare professional prior to use if you have or suspect a medical condition, are taking prescription drugs, or are pregnant or lactating.

Individual results may vary.

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Drug Free


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