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Papaya Enzyme

Available Sizes: 100 Tablets
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Papaya Enzyme - 100 Chewable Tablets

Delicious chewable "after meal" supplement!

Natrol Papaya Enzyme is a natural digestive aid that helps break down proteins needed for the body and can help speed up chemical reactions within the cells. .

Natrol Papaya Enzyme chewable tablets are fortified with well-known enzymes, including papain, amylase and bromelain, which encourages proper nutrient absorption and aids in the digestion of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Papaya Enzyme is popular with athletes, body builders and hardgainers who needs to consume large amounts of proteins and/or carbohydrates. Papaya Enzyme helps aid the digestive system as well assist in breaking down proteins faster so they can get to the muscles quicker and help relieve digestive problems.

Try two chewable Papaya Enzyme after each meal to help maintain a healthy digestive tract.

Size/Form: 100 Chewable Tablets
Directions: Chew 2 tablets after each meal.
Please consult your healthcare professional prior to use if you have or suspect a medical condition, are taking prescription drugs, or are pregnant or lactating.

Papaya Enzyme FAQs:

Q: What is Papaya Enzyme?
A: Papaya enzyme is a potent mix of proteolytic enzymes derived from the papaya fruit, and offers several health and digestive benefits. Papaya enzyme is also known as papain.

Q: What is Papaya?
A: The papaya is a melon like fruit with yellow-orange flesh enclosed in a thin skin that varies in color from green to orange to rose.

Q: How does Papaya Enzyme helps my digestive system?
A: When the Papaya Enzymes or Papain comes in contact with proteins it breaks them down so your stomach can more easily digest them and relieve digestive problems.

Q: Is the amylase enzyme in Natrol Papaya Enzyme from mold?
A: No, it is from wheat.

Q: Is the magnesium stearate from animal source?
A: It is from palm fruit oil. There are no animal ingredients in the product.

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