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Garlipure Maximum

Available Sizes: 100 Capsules
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Garlipure Maximum® - 100 Caplets | 600mg

GarliPure® Maximum offers 7,200 mcg of Allicin per servings!

Natrol® GarliPure® Maximum offers pure standardized garlic extract with optimized GarlicActives®. GarlicActives® are measured using our certified laboratory test to ensure the proper balance of garlic's various marker compounds.

Natrol is setting the standard for garlic users! Natrol® GarliPure® Maximum is a garlic supplement unlike any other garlic you have ever taken. Natrol's GarliPure is superior because our formula contains guaranteed standardized yield levels of garlic's key marker compounds including alliin, allicin, total sulfur, thiosulfinates, and gamma glutamylcysteines, collectively called GarlicActives®. These GarlicActives® are responsible for most of Garlic’s benefits. Two of the principal benefits of garlic is cholesterol reduction and improved immune functions.

Add Natrol® GarliPure® Maximum to your daily regimen for healthy circulation, immune, and overall heart health. Natrol® GarliPure® Maximum is convenient way to help maintain a healthy cholesterol level naturally. GarliPure® Maximum offers the high potency benefits of garlic and without the embarrassing strong garlic odor.

For lower dosage, see GarliPure®

Size/Form: 100 Caplets | 600mg
Directions: Take 1 caplet, two times daily, with a meal. Two caplets provide 7,200 mcg allicin yield.
Please consult your healthcare professional prior to use if you have or suspect a medical condition, are taking prescription drugs, or are pregnant or lactating.

Garlipure® Maximum FAQs:

Q: Is the garlic standardized to allicin content?
A: Yes, Natrol® GarliPure® is standardized for its allicin content. Researchers believe allicin is one of the principal active ingredients in garlic.

Q: Is Natrol® GarliPure® Maximum odorless?
A: No, it is odor-controlled. Allicin gives garlic its the pungent odor and is considered responsible for most of Garlic’s benefits. Therefore, we cannot make GarliPure® oderless as it will not contain garlic's most active ingredient - Allicin.

Q: What are GarlicActives®?
A: GarlicActives® are key marker compounds of garlic such as alliin, allicin, total sulfur, thiosulfinates and gamma glutamylcysteines to ensure delivery in a guaranteed and standardized manner.

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